Hello all,
In March when I needed to renew my visa due to my employer changing name, I received a letter from Migrationsverket telling me I would be able to apply for Permanent Residency from "a month before the 24 of November" which means 24 of October (I started working on the 24th of November 2011).

My question is, how does one apply for this?
I couldn't find anywhere on the Migrationsverket page a form or a link for this.. does anyone know?

The exact wording of the relevant section of the letter is this:

"D? du den 24 november 2015 har haft uppeh?llstillst?nd grundat p? arbete i fyra ?r kan du en m?nad innan detta datum l?mna in en ans?kan om permanent uppeh?llstillst?nd"

Also, my current visa is valid until March 2016 and I am currently employed full-time.