Hi Guys,
First time lurker and first time poster so please be gentle.
We've only been in Sweden since August but already have run into an issue. We are here to housesit three dogs and some other animals. We brought our young Spring Spaniel with us from England too.

I walk our generally obedient dog up a public road/track past maybe 7 houses twice a day.
Only one of the houses have people in them, an elderly Swedish couple.

I had been walking past this house for about 3 weeks with no issue, until one day the old man shouted at and kicked our dog in the face for being nosey peeking through an open door to a barn they own by the road. Unfortunately this turned infected and cost us 2000SEK in vets bills. A week later the old lady came out, I assumed to say hello. Well what we received was a Swedish rant about something, which took ages to decipher down to something about her cats. It seemed she assumed our dog would chase/kill her cats as she told us to keep our dog away from them, I think. Our Springer Spaniel, who is very excitable and young but certainly not aggressive nor dangerous.

So we resolved to keep our dog on a lead past their house in future or walk the dog elsewhere if it was still light out, I don't like walking the dog in the dark forest at night, I'm a bit of a wimp.

The other dogs we look after are are rescue dogs, two of which are Leonbergers, big hairy dogs.
Unbeknown to me one allegedly escaped from the extensive bordered garden, typically the one with a previously damaged foot, (how the hell it jumped the fence I have no idea) it allegedly got down to this elderly couples house and allegedly ran riot chasing their cat and running around their house. This to us and the owners of the dogs is impossible (or extremely unlikely) as this particular dog is old cannot run very far and actually is very friendly.

Nevertheless the elderly couple, along with a young lady, brought him back to the house after they bundled him into their 4x4 whimpering all the way. He looked exhausted poor little bugger. They proceeded to have a go at me for about 40 minutes telling his previous injuries were my fault, that his escape was all my fault, that I was mistreating the dog as he looked dishevelled and had a few dreadlocks in his hair, the abuse from them was never ending.
I apologised more than once and eventually got the dog back.

Ever since then the old lady or the man stare at me walking past their house and sometimes shout something in Swedish, whatever it is it does not sound complimentary.

So 2 weeks later, the Animal Welfare dept shows up on our doorstep saying there had been a complaint that we were mistreating the animals we are looking after. They looked at two of the dogs and left after twenty minutes. They took a picture of one of the dogs feet.

I asked the Animal Welfare dept for information and justification for their visit and asked who it was who had complained. They ignored that. I requested loads of info and proof that we had done any thing wrong. They ignored that too.
I wrote over a 4 week period about 7 emails to the animal welfare dept, all of which were ignored. I also asked for it to be translated or given to us in English. This was ignored too.
I then received an official looking letter on 6 sheets of paper. One sheet only a summary in English, everything else in Swedish, including what looked like an invoice for their time for 1600SEK. WTF??
I disputed the letter stating it was unfair plus pointing my previous requests and pointing out the discrepancies in the English summary.

I received a reply stating the letter was a "demand" for payment and action and if I did not comply with the "demand" they would seek an injunction against me. Even though the statements in the English summary are false and their so called evidence is without merit. There is also no word demand in the English summary.
Since the Animal Welfare showed up I have been trying to get the owners to agree to a Vets appointment for the dogs just to prove that the dogs (although previously injured) are fine. Though making the appointment with the vets has been difficult as no one there speaks sufficient English in the reception dept (if they actually answer emails or the phone calls I've made) to give us an estimate of cost and a booking time.

Is there such a thing a Freedom of Information requests in Sweden?
Are the Government depts supposed to provide you with English information if you cannot speak Swedish?
Are you allowed to disagree with a Government official if you think their argument is wrong?
Are you allowed to request information from a Government official especially if they are not qualified as a vet to make a summary judgement in a veterinary capacity?

In the UK, you can write to any Government official and make a Freedom of Information request.
There must be something here too right?