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thought that the Merc with a Mouth deserved his own thread to discuss the various comics he's been in. He currently has his own monthly series written in part by comic Brian Posehn. He also has a ton of mini-series like the current Deadpool kills Deadpool written by Cullen Bunn or past arcs like Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe. There was another written by Bunn where Deadpool killed classic literature figures like Moby Dick lol.

I've always been hit or miss because his comics are never serious enough amidst the comedy...but when Deadpool has a moment of clarity he's pretty awesome. As a team member like he was in Uncanny X-Force, he can be the highlight of a book when well-written.

Thougths on Deadpool?







I like Deadpool very much, unfortunately now it is not available in our country. Authorities considered it too cruel. You have to use a proxy and watch on servers in other countries.


You are here » yearinreview » Music and Video » Deadpool